Ignite is a progress reporting solution to help you get information with the least amount of friction.

Nothing slows you down like following up with team members for progress updates. While the team spends valuable time in updating spreadsheets for weekly reports, you invest time trying to derive a logical information. Your inbox floods with endless emails on status updates, weekly reports, shared documents, and conversations with team members. Sometimes key stakeholders fall out of the loop.

To add to the chaos, your team members use every other possible mode to keep you updated – calls, sms, whatsapp messages, scheduled and impromptu meetings.

Whether you are a CEO, VP, Manager, or anyone who needs visibility into what your team is working on, on a day-to-day basis, with Ignite you are in perfect sync with the action in your projects, your team, and your organization. We have re-imagined the way progress reporting happens.

Ignite can re-invent progress reporting for you.


  • Mapped to your existing business processes

  • Real time updates on all activities from all the participants

  • Brings relevant tasks, conversations & attachment all at one place

  • Group tasks & create milestones

  • See only relevant updates

  • Get insights from everyday activities

  • Give your client a sneak peek into the assignment progress

Client Onboarding
Create Schedules
Score Cards
Instant Notification
High Level View of Assignments
Tag Assignments
Interpret Sales Funnel


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