All organizations want to create a fun, involving and highly productive environment for their employees to work in. Usually, these goals are counter intuitive, but not anymore. MindCraft's LoopIn is a popular Social-Collaboration Enterprise Portal created to enable better communication and a higher level of knowledge sharing between people. When you put together all the people who are working in the same organization but separated geographically, on a single collaborative platform, you can certainly expect things to go smoother, faster.

LoopIn provides a forum for employees to create a personalized account, share content, and to keep themselves abreast of the latest events and updates of the organization. They can also engage in a dialogue with their peers.

LoopIn is designed to increase sharing and peer-recognition and to foster great team cultures.

  • Forums are a built in standard feature to promote active peer discussion that help employees learn and bond better

  • Blogs encourage knowledge sharing, between employees across departments

  • Online Chat enables seamless conversations across the various geographical locations

  • Employee Feedback in real time eases the HR processes for the employees and the HR department

  • Notifications keep all employees updated with any changes posted on the portal

  • Photo and Video Gallery let employees get a visual glimpse of all the activities and events

  • RSS feeds ensure that all the employees are always connected to the Company and that updates are shared

New Joinee Section
Activity Stream
Governance Zone
Unified Search
Photo and Video Gallery
RSS Feeds
Employee Directory


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