Ever wonder why your competitor generates more Sales than you, even though their team is smaller? It's probably because they manage their opportunities better.

SalesCtrl is an Opportunity Management Tool, to help you track and manage your Sales opportunities right from the outset. MindCraft’s sales force automation solution takes your sales team performance to the next level. With a set of relevant tools, it helps you streamline your sales process and convert more opportunities into actual sales.

SalesCtrl allows you to get an understanding of how many opportunities you have, what is their status and what it took to convert them into an actual sale. This tool lets you predict which opportunities are likely to convert and helps you focus on the right opportunities, which have a higher probability of conversion. SalesCtrl also helps you identify the opportunities that need immediate attention.

  • Forecast Sales Weekly, Quarterly and Annually

  • Opportunity Planning

  • Resource Allocation Planning

  • Project Cash Flow with higher accuracy

  • Follow up with your team seamlessly

  • Delegate

Opportunity Management
Performance Management
Web Application
Customer Management
Mobile App
Contacts Management
Tactical Dashboards
Relevant Search Results


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