With business becoming more and more disruptive, organizations need to react to outside changes more frequently. Correspondingly, the IT function needs to respond and deliver solutions based on these constant changes in demand. However, this puts tremendous pressure on the IT function in terms of ability to plan, manage budgets and resources in such changing environment.

Our Shared Services model takes away that pressure from the IT function by responding to such dynamic changes. We offer IT Services on ‘pay per hour of service consumed’ for a given basket of technologies. The benefits to our customers include:

  • Clients do not need to plan, manage and pay for full time outsourced consultants.

  • Since the shared services model includes our ability to service in different technology areas, our clients do not have to worry about sourcing consultants with different skills on ‘as and when’ need basis.

  • The Shared Services model offers dynamic scalability so that sudden bursts of work can be taken care of. At the same time, our clients need not worry about ramping down when the load is suddenly reduced.