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A virtual branch for your investors

Cross Sell,
Up Sell To
Your Investors

MindCraft's Investor Self Service Portal aims to function as a virtual branch of the Asset Management Company by providing for both financial as well as non-financial transactions such as purchase, switch, redemption, change of bank mandate etc. Using this solution, investors in a mutual fund can transact online as well as get access to their account statements. The solution adds value by submitting these transactions directly to the registrar thereby eliminating any operational maintenance for the Mutual Fund Company.

Our Investor Self Service Portal enables investors to purchase (using a payment gateway), redeem (into the redemption account) and switch reinvestment options for the various schemes offered by a Fund House. The product comes with hooks for integrating with IVR, Mobile Phones and other such channels. This is a web-based solution utilizing the web services facility provided by Registrar.

Offer A Hassle Free
Investment Experience
To Your Investors


Direct Mutual Fund interaction channel for investors

NRI investment friendly

Reduced customer service with this channel

Accurate time-stamping of transactions

Transactions submitted directly to Registrar

Complete audit trail of purchase transactions

Reduced requests for account statements

Easy & instant-access to portfolio

Key Features

Comprehensive portfolio view for Investor

Generation of account statement

Powerful SWP with cancellation facility

Direct credit of redemption proceeds

Freedom of switching funds between schemes

Pre specified reinvestment/payout decision

Allows SIP investors to invest and cancel online

Option to invest in new funds introduced by the company

Summarized portfolio view

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