Digital Transformation

Embark On Your Digital Transformation Journey

Create an enriching experience for your customers by transforming your business and getting ready for your digital journey. From automation to business insights, we can help you improve efficiency, enhance customer experiences and drive growth. Digitization can help you optimize your business performance and enable you to become scalable and nimble.

Digital Application Development

We can help you overcome business challenges by developing customized digital apps best suited for your business requirements. We can help you with the architecture and development of robust applications that are critical for your digital journey.

Digital App Specifications

We will help you articulate your application requirements and convert them to software specifications.

Digital App Development

Allow our development team to work on your specifications and deliver an integrated, fully functional, responsive product that will enable you to achieve your business goals.

Microservices Development & Containerization

To improve modularity and make your applications resilient to architecture erosion, opt for microservices. Monolithic applications are highly unsuitable for continuous deployment. As a result, businesses are drawn towards microservices architecture which provides applications the required agility to quickly address business problems. With microservices, you can update software easily, add new features and release software faster.

MindCraft has extensive experience in building applications on microservices architecture, which is best suited for complex, evolving applications.

Service Discovery

Analyze existing applications to discover independent business functions with high degree of reusability. We can also help you document end-points, interface definitions, producer applications and consumers.


Package independent services in Docker containers to make them faster, more secure and easy to operate with. Build services using a best-suited combination of technologies, platforms and languages. You can also deploy containers to container management systems on-premises, cloud or even in multi-cloud environment.

Scaling with Kubernetes

You can provision highly available services deployed on Kubernetes cluster. This will enable you to scale deployed services based on usage volumes, thereby, enabling you to enjoy benefits of auto scaling on select cloud platforms. You can also easily monitor clusters, pods and services through the Kubernetes dashboard

Microservices on Cloud

There is extensive support for deploying Microservices on most popular clouds. Popular cloud platforms such as AWS also offer a serverless deployment option for Microservices. Moreover, Kubernetes is available across cloud platforms as a standard service.

Service-oriented Architecture & API

It is essential for modern applications to have the right kind of architecture that would facilitate easy integration with disparate applications. SOA and API enable building a robust architecture that ensures seamless communication between applications.


SOA enables the seamless integration of loosely coupled applications and the underlying systems. With SOA implementation, you can increase organizational agility and reduce time to market.

Orchestration using ESB

Reduce chatter between front-end / mobile applications and back-end by providing singular end points on ESB with orchestration. This will also perform in-flight transformation of messages as they flow between micro-service end-points.

API Gateway

Reliably and securely expose services to partners or even internal applications by exposing them through an API gateway. You can also provide controlled access to services through access control rules and black / white listing of consumers.

BPM & Robotic Process Automation

Once you embark on your journey to digitization, it is essential to re-align processes and automate them to achieve higher levels of efficiency. Drive business excellence by adopting efficient and effective business processes. We have experience in developing solutions to facilitate automation of business workflows such as New Business, Policy Servicing & Claims for insurance companies and Arbitration and Execution Petition, Policy Link & Purchase Order Processing for Non-Banking Financial companies.

Process Management

Drive business excellence by adopting efficient and effective business processes. Eliminate redundancies, enhance existing processes and add new ones where required.

Process Automation

Eliminate the time spent on outdated manual processes by embracing process automation. AI & Machine learning capabilities can be further integrated with the existing software.

Business Rules Management

You can capture decision logic as business rules and automate them across your various applications for enhanced agility. This will enable you to control and manage business processes and thereby, improve their efficiency.

Rule Engine Implementation

Improve operational performance by integrating a rules engine that mandates minimum manual intervention