The Insurance industry copes with a number of challenges – from dealing with large amounts of data to regulatory changes and risk management. These growing pressures often necessitate a business model transformation.

MindCraft offers a range of services and solutions to cater to the needs of Insurance companies. The objective is to empower each business user in each department to see business information in the format best suited for their needs, increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Solutions that have helped our customers in the Insurance industry gain a competitive advantage-

  • Advisor Self Service Kiosk – MindCraft’s Advisor Self Service Kiosk offers instant access to information such as Policies Issued, Customer Payouts, Fund Value, Policy Information, Commissions, Premiums due etc.

  • Customer, Employee & Agent Portal – A single portal providing easy access to company and product information, policy and procedures, and sales training. It also offers services like premium due alerts, commission information, client and policy inquiry etc.

  • Claims Workflow Automation – A Claims Lifecycle management system for managing & tracking a claim right from the Claim intimation phase to Claims adjudication, approval and finally to settlement.

  • New Business Case Tracker – A system that enables tracking New Business statuses right from Application entry phase to Policy Issuance. The system presents business users with the facility & visibility to track the status of every New Business application and its detail, at every stage.

  • Sales Progression – This solution provides structured and clear career paths for front-line sales managers, thus enabling the organization to gauge their career progression.

  • Policy Servicing Integration – The solution enables logging of various Policy Service Requests and communication with the Policy holders at various stages of the Policy Life cycle.

  • Fraud Management System - Designed to detect and prevent fraud by performing rule based analysis on transactional data on a wide range of risk factors.