The key To Building Robust, Scalable Applications

By investing in a robust middleware, you can focus on business logic without worrying about the nuances of the underlying infrastructure. In the absence of a stable middleware layer, however, you may face issues related to outages, that can be detrimental to your business. MindCraft has extensive experience of providing middleware services to large banks and insurance companies. We provide middleware as a service across various platforms.

MindCraft has excellent technical capabilities and the ability to support 24*7 operations. We can help you with the implementation and support of complex environments through our specialized middleware services.


We can help manually monitor your application based on checklists. You can also opt to use inbuilt monitoring mechanisms or 3rd party monitoring tools to streamline your monitoring process. Based on pre-set thresholds, SMS ad email alerts can be configured too.

Problem Resolution

Once a performance related issue is reported for your application, we will perform a root cause cnalysis for the reported problem and also provide log analysis. Other services like JVM Profiling, Heap / Thread Dump Analysis and Garbage Collection Analysis will also be provided to establish the cause for the issue so that necessary steps may be taken to prevent them from recurring.

Incident Management

Documented SOPs are created and adhered to, to ensure service quality levels are maintained and that services are restored as quickly as possible to minimize impact on business operations. A clearly defined escalation matrix further ensures that the right person is contacted for specific issues and that delays are mitigated. In addition to this, service delivery tools are used for call logging and tracking and to provide smoother and faster resolution to issues.

Installation & Configuration

MindCraft can provide services for the installation of applications on any supported platforms. We can also help with base line configuration, installation and deployment. Any changes to deployment topology like additional nodes, servers, clusters, etc. can also be made depending on your requirements.

Performance Tuning

To improve system response time and to identify performance bottlenecks, performance tuning is conducted. This is done by isolating configuration issues from code-related issues so that they can be worked on accordingly. We can also help you tune JVM & application server parameters and aligning them with your business requirements.

Architecture Consulting

MindCraft can help design complex environments with multiple nodes, servers and clusters with horizontal and vertical clustering for high availability, disaster recovery, etc. If you are facing performance issues owing to your middleware architecture, we can help you identify the middleware architecture best suited for your business requirements. We can also help design, build and deploy this architecture for you.

Security Implementation

We can provide quick fixes for identified vulnerabilities that you are facing. Further recommendations for common application security glitches such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS) can help you provide, secure and reliable applications to your users and customers.

Upgrades & Migration

MindCraft can help provide application migration across various software versions. We can also help you fix packs, upgrade versions and enable execute seamless cross platform migration.