PayCraft - Platform for processing Online Remittances

Grow your remittance business exponentially

Provides Instant
Remittance Facility

PayCraft is a product for processing cross-border inward remittances. It addresses some of the most crucial business problems including banks' requirements to deploy technology enabled remittance services to the remitter or remittance agencies. It also helps the beneficiary by extending reach to the smaller branches including rural and semi urban areas. Traditionally, this was being handled manually with multiple systems from ingestion to processing to fulfillment.

PayCraft enables banks to offer services such as instant remittance to their customers as well as customers of other banks. The product features out-of-the box support for over 42 exchange houses in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region.

Supports Over 42
Exchange Houses


STP reduces workload for a majority of transactions

Instant global remittance for bank account holders

Control timing of bulk processing

Track changes during correction & re-submission of failed transactions

Increases efficiency by requiring attention to 'In-Error’ transactions only

Keep an eye on the end to end lifecycle of a transaction

Experience reduced timeframes for on-boarding new exchanges

Complete visibility to exchange houses to monitor transactions

Key Features

Finacle integration using C24

SWIFT message ingestion

Guaranteed message delivery

Auto reversal flows & manual reversal

Rule based validations framework

Load balancing and failover

Automatic retrie

Web services for host to host integration

Platform independent secure solution

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